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Worst Crash Ever! Semi Truck Blows up!

Vizualizări: 1 Adăugat de: george george 
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An out of control semi truck crashed causing a huge accident in Chelyabinsk Oblast Russia today. A dashboard cam recorded the huge crash.I put the link to the dashboard cam raw video footage in the description below. The video is from Right This Minute or rightthisminute dot com which is a cool site I found recently with cool videos.The driver survived the crash and claimed that his breaks stopped working and lost completely control of his semi truck and there was nothing he could do. His big truck split 2 lanes of traffic destroying several cars, injury at least 9 people leaving 2 dead.Surprisingly, the driver was able to escape unharmed as he leaped from his semi truck as it screeched to a stop. This was one of the Worst Accidents EVER!

Limba: Rusă
Timpul de rulare al video-ului: 00:01:04
Autor: Epic Wildlife
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